WAMU Theater can do it all. Named the best concert venue and live music venue in the PNW as part of The Seattle Times The People's Choice contest, this versatile venue, with seating for 4,700 in theater-style and expandable to 7,200 or even 9,000 in a general admission setup, offers the perfect canvas for concerts, corporate gatherings, private soirées, special occasions, and even as a dynamic filming location. 
It's a space that effortlessly adapts to the diverse creative visions of its patrons. Within this style guide, we unveil an array of meticulously designed assets that mirror the electrifying ambiance that defines WAMU Theater. These elements encompass a newly crafted logo (vertical and horizontal), color palette (blending deep, powerful purples symbolizing the allure of nightlife with vibrant, dazzling shades reminiscent of the stage lights), typography, and sound-wave-like patterns have to mirror the upbeat events that take place.
This rebranding is a strategic move to amplify the connection between WAMU Theater and its audience.
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